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Our company deals with a wide range of engineering activities. We offer reliable and innovative equipment of outstanding quality. ROLT power systems specializes in turnkey production of power plants which correspond to all modern practices. Our specialists are highly qualified and experienced in their professional fields.  

Our factory is situated on the area of 3500 square km in the town of Kolomna in Moscow region. Nearby there are highways and railways to facilitate the delivery of our products by ground transport. 

In this video you can see the process of production of mini power plant with heat recovery system on the base of boiler-utilizer Aprovis and plate heat exchanger Alfa Laval. Heat exchanger can solve several tasks at one time: heating and cooling of different liquids, air conditioning, cooling during technological processes. 

For our power plants we use the gensets from such well-known manufacturers as Caterpillar, GE Jenbacher, MTU, MWM, Guascor, Cummins so we can produce unique block-module power plants.

ROLT power systems

We produce unique block-module and stationery power centers, mini CHP, nitrogen plants, boiler houses, compressor and transformer stations. At the video you can see gas reciprocating genset Caterpillar packaged in block-container and equipped with heat recovery system. Such units can work at the temperature from - 60°C to +40°C and inoxidizing coating corresponds to international standards.

Our logistics makes the delivery of spare parts quick and convenient. We also offer to our clients a wide range of capacities from 500 kW to 10 MW.

We use spare parts only from the leading manufacturers such as Caterpillar, MWM, GE Jenbacher, MTU, Cummins, FG Wilson. Our gas and diesel power plants have all certificates and permits. All units are tested. Mini-power plants provide your company with the necessary energy. Buying the products of ROLT power systems you can be sure, first of all, in their effective and reliable work, then in maintainability and also in low operation costs. 

Caterpillar based Mini-CHP ROLT PSG 770

American company Caterpillar has been in the market of heavy equipment for 85 years. The amount of sales and profit the company got in 2011 was 60138 bullion US dollars. ROLT power systems packages about 300 models of Caterpillar gas and diesel gensets. They can be used as primary or stand-by sources of energy supplying the consumer with electricity 24 hours 7 days annually. They can work simultaneously with the grid giving energy to oil platforms and mines, cities and towns, hospitals and schools, airports and business centers. 

Our company can prepare gas for Caterpillar power units so they will work on different fuels: natural gas, biogas, landfill gas, diesel or crude oil. 

Nowadays it is important to recover oil associated gas. The decree of the government of the Russian Federation of the 1 of January 2012 sets the target amount of combustion of associated petroleum gas – 5% of the total volume of the extracted associated petroleum gas. If the limits are exceeded the oil company has to pay fees at the rate of 16.5 billion US dollars. So our company offers different ways of its recovery – power plants of associated oil gas on Caterpillar gensets.

Very few Russian companies offer power plants on Caterpillar units so our product is unique. It is the energy of future!

Jenbaher based Mini-CHP ROLT PSG 1000

Nowadays gas gensets from Austrian brand GE Jenbacher are very popular all over the world. Jenbacher is the branch of the world known company General Electric. The unit capacity of GE Jenbacher power modules ranges from 330 to 4034 kW. The whole lineup works on natural gas or in proper conditions on other gases: associated petroleum gas, landfill gas and colliery gas. The gas power plants have long service life, can work in difficult climate conditions and are very efficient. Packaged into container, it can work at very low temperatures up to - 60°C. 

If customers want, our company can perform all the range of works: assembling, repair and other services. Module structure of power units can be easily repaired so it guarantees continuous work of any productions. The lineup of GE Jenbacher engines is carefully tested before the release from the factory. Mini CHP ROLT Jenbacher on gas units can provide trouble-free work of any enterprise. 

We can offer our clients gas reciprocating power plants GE Jenbacher of different capacity of block-module and stationery type with full complex of guarantee and post-guarantee service.

ROLT PSG 2000 in building

The grooving speed of energy consumption and the necessity of fast cost recovery force our customers to reject the idea of installing energy centers in permanent buildings and to choose alternative ways, for example, to install mini CHP in pre-engineered metal or rapidly erected buildings.

We can produce metal structures of any complexity. Our specialists make drawings, technical specifications, design documents and 3D images with the help of the most modern 3D tools taking into account all norms and regulations.

At the production stage it is important to reduce costs according to increasing energy supply and grooving generating capacities. It is important to fit mini-CHP into the piece of land or urban area considering specifications of power plant. You should take into account geographical and climatic conditions and also unique features of power units. 

Our design engineers offer several ways of constructive solutions of light metal ware buildings. Depending on the generator unit and the customer’s needs there can be different projects of multilevel buildings with non-standard installation of aggregate junctions, system of heat recovery, refrigerating system and ventilating equipment. All light metal ware buildings are made in full correspondence with technical regulations.

Our service specialists always share experience with the companies that operate energy equipment accumulating the knowledge and perfecting their skills. It helps us to make turn-key projects of high quality.

Discharge of Mini-CHP Rolt PSG 1000 at the exhibition "MIOGE-2011"

ROLT power systems participates in different exhibitions of oil-and-gas industry: MIOGE, Neftegas, Russian Power. We exhibit our main product – block-module mini power plant. Discharging of such module you can see at this video. 

We do not manufacture showpieces. All exhibits are working power plants and after exhibitions they go to our clients. 

Participating in exhibitions is an important part of image strategy of our company. Thanks to such events and excellent quality of our production our client base is constantly growing and brand Rolt has become widely known in the market. 

But we are ready to move forward. The demands in electricity and heat grow every year so our company is looking for the customers in other industries for example in agricultural. So our company took part in the exhibition of agricultural equipment “Agrotech-2012”. Although we did not exhibit there our power plant there was huge interest to our stand among the visitors.

We plan to continue participating in such events in different industries.

3D model Rolt PSG 2000

Gas reciprocating mini power plants Rolt PSG help you to save energy so they are widely used in different plants. But only our power plants allow step-by-step increase electric and heat capacity according to the requirements of our customers. 

So our power plants can provide you with stable supply of electricity and heat (steam) of the object. If it is necessary to increase the capacity of the unit, our qualified specialists will deliver and mount the equipment in the shortest period.

An advantage of our plants is their flexibility. Such mini-CHP can save energy and increase efficiency as they interact with other equipment set at the Site before.

We offer reliable mobile or stationery generating equipment of any capacity. It is a sufficient part of our brand capital.

Mini-CHP in agriculture

Every year our company participates in different exhibitions in energy sector. In 2012 we decided to take part in 14 annual international exhibition of agricultural machinery “Agrotech-2012”. About 450 companies from 30 countries took part in this event. ROLT power systems presented energy-efficient solutions for agricultural sector which allow big farms and food factories to low costs for electricity and heat as a result reduce cost of the final product.

One of our tasks was integration of energy saving technologies into agricultural sector. The exhibition was successful for our company and the tasks were achieved: several contracts were signed and the new contacts were set with food, processing and cattle breeding companies. Besides, we got several offers for leasing of generating equipment and development of financial programs which can be interning to small business of agricultural service. 

Cogeneration units can be used to increase energy efficiency of farming and stock breeding sectors. Gas reciprocating or diesel mini plants can fully satisfy the needs of big agricultural complexes in electricity and heat and, in case of trigeneration, in cold. Our company has elaborated interesting solutions for agricultural sector, among them there are lease programs. We offer different lease schemes depending on the requirements of our clients. 

ROLT group in "AGROTECH-2012", Moscow

The exhibition of agricultural equipment “Agrotech-2012” is annually held in Moscow, Russia. It is the biggest demonstration of different machinery used in agriculture. This year 450 companies from 30 countries have taken part in the exhibition. Our company offered interesting solutions for big farms, food industry and consumer goods manufactory. Our gas reciprocating power plants are efficient, mobile and reliable. They allow to reduce costs for electricity and heat consumption and the system of trigeneration (simultaneous production of electricity, heat and cold) can be effectively used in food production. 

Gas reciprocating power plant Rolt PSG 2000 with heat recovery system (2MW capacity)

Gas reciprocating power plant Rolt PSG 2000 with heat recovery system (2 MW capacity) of block-module type on the base of Caterpillar G 3520 E.

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