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The structure of the company allows our customers to accomplish very complicated projects in Russia or in other countries.

The specialists of design-engineering department prepare project documentation, integrate new technologies and modernize the old ones basing on the latest scientific researches, results of cost-effective analysis, requirements to specification documentation and customer’s demands.

Project support department get the required permits for all project documents from local authorities, study the site and perform topographical surveys. The specialists of this department together with our customers work-out technical inquiries, construction documents, calendar plans, etc.

Capital construction department are responsible for contraction of power centers. It elaborates and fulfills construction plans, deals with contractors, carries out engineering supervision on all stages of project: delivery of goods and materials, pre-commissioning and commissioning.

Logistic department coordinates the delivery of equipment and components to our factory and then final products – to customer’s premises. The specialists of the department project logistic systems, optimize their costs and manage logistic risks.

Engineers of commissioning and service department connect and troubleshoot channels, adjust control algorithms and forms of data indication, test equipment. They also take part in 72 hour tests before commissioning of power plant. During this period they train customer’s employees. Then they consult the maintenance staff on difficult technical questions, perform service works during the guarantee period, delivery of spares and consumables from our regional warehouses in Moscow, Usinsk and Kaliningrad.

Manufacture capacities of the company occupy in the region of 11 ha. At the factory we produce block-module gas reciprocating and diesel power plants Rolt PS and other energy and engineering equipment. Our factory offers  excellent infrastructure and highly professional team of design and support staff.  Our plant is located near the federal highways and railroad junctions so it facilitates the delivery of our products by automobile and railway transport.

Recently  Production Capacity of the company is being expanded.

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