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Specifications of power plants ROLT  PS

4 enforced upper fittings for loading works and transportation. Bearing structure of container is rigid and firm enough for transporting heavy engines and engineering systems of 80 t.

According to safety requirements there are stairs and rails which prevent the staff from falling down. They are made from stainless steel.
Ventilation slots guarantee cooling of the hottest parts of engine and generator and supply hot air to the necessary equipment.
The enforced roof of container allows placing offset equipment (muffler, dry cooling tower, heat recovery system, exhaust system, etc). The roof is inclined so atmospheric fallout does not gather on it.
The outside walls of module is 1,5 mm thick. Inoxidizing coating of inside and outside walls corresponds to the requirements of GOST 9.032, GOST 15150 and SNiP 2.03.111. The color of painting and logotype depends on the customer requirements.
Bearing structures of block-module are made from special rectangular pipes. The frame absorbs the load and vibrations appearing while combustion engine is working. The welding substructure of container bears all loading and transportation operations.
The dimensions of container of Rolt PS correspond to all transport requirements by truck or railway.
Sealing panels for connection of voltage and control cables passing through the walls of container can be placed where the customer requires. The pipes of crankcase breather can be drawn out through the wall of container.
The walls, floor and ceiling of container are covered with soundproof mineral cotton with increased sound absorbing characteristics. The level of noise in about 1 m away from power plant is 73 dB.
The doors on the sides of container provide easy approach to the main details and parts of gas reciprocating or diesel power plant. All doors have mortise locks produced by “Antipanika” company and door rubbers. One of side slabs is detachable.
Ventilation gaps have electric driven heated blinds. Soundproof box is situated on the outside of the container. It changes airstream and preserves noise inside the container.
The walls, ceiling and floor of block-module are covered with metal perforated lists. To improve soundproof characteristics 2 layers of incombustible cover are integrated into coating.
Generating equipment is installed using special materials suppressing vibration from the engine. Dampers reduce remaining vibration up to 3%. Low vibration allows to use serial road plates as a basement for container.
Two crane beams with load capacity of 7 t are installed along the machinery compartment and have blocks and mechanical tackle. This mechanism allows to do scheduled service (including overhauls) of generating equipment inside the container.
There are several types of lights in block-module: working Lighting which lights the inside of block-module at the level of 50-100 Lk, emergency Lighting which works during emergency situations, outside lightning, maintenance Lighting of 24-3d V DC.
Switchers and sockets inside container have voltage marks. Electric communications are placed inside metal boxes fixed on the walls of container. It is aimed at improving of wiring and its further repair.

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