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Lease of power plants

ROLT power systems offers to lease gas reciprocating and diesel power plants of unit capacity form 300 kW to 6 MW. All types of equipment (open type on frame, in block-module, on mobile platform and others) can be leased for 3 months or more. It solves the problem of temporary power supply and eliminates the necessity of heavy investments with the equipment.

Our specialists will quickly deliver the goods to your site, connect the necessary load and maintain CHP during the lease period. In case of breakdowns there are emergency stocks of SPTA where you can find enough spare parts for the leased equipment. These stocks are situated in our main warehouse in Kolomna and in regional warehouses. During repair periods we supply our customers with the equipment from these temporary stocks.

Apart from generating capacities ROLT power systems leases:

  • Additional oil tanks for diesel power plants,
  • Operator cabins,
  • Electric cables of different sizes,
  • Transformer plants,
  • Trays and tray holders for cables,
  • Commutation cabinets with control panels produced by our company and allowing synchronization at any mount of gas or diesel power plants.
  • Fire points and other equipment.
Under an average contract ROLT power systems maintains equipment, supplies fuel and technological liquids.

To find out about terms, conditions and cost of lease, please, contact our specialists by phone +7 (495) 777 98 02 (in Russia) or 01592 742678 (in UK). We will quickly answer all your questions.

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