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Diesel power plant

Diesel power plants from Rolt PSD can be used for primary or standby electrical supply (less often heat supply). We manufacture different types of diesel power plant: on frame, in container, mobile – on low frame platform. All power plants ROLT PSD can be equipped with heat recovery system. Our equipment corresponds to Russian norms and regulations. ROLT PSD is produced on the base of Caterpillar Inc., Cummins, MTU, FG Wilson generators. 


ProductCapacity, kwBlock-module
dimensions, mm
Type of power unit
ROLT PSD 2502562809000х2400х2400Caterpillar 3406
Сummins C330D5
MWM TCG 2016 V8
ROLT PSD 320320-328352-3609000х2400х2400Caterpillar С15
Сummins C400D5
ROLT PSD 3603644009000х2400х2400Caterpillar С15
MTU 10V 1600 G10
FG Wilson P350P4-P400E4
ROLT PSD 500491-508546-56012000х3000х3000Caterpillar C18
MTU 12V 1600 G10
FG Wilson P591P2 - P650E2
ROLT PSD 800800-820880-91012000х3000х3000Caterpillar C32
MTU 16V 2000 G63
FG Wilson P 910P1 - P1000E1
ROLT PSD 1000999-10881110-120012000х3000х3000Caterpillar 3512
MTU 18V 2000 G65
Cummins C1400D5
ROLT PSD 12001200-12601280-140012000х3000х3000Caterpillar 3512B
MTU 12V 4000 G23 R2F
ROLT PSD 15001460-14851600-165012000х3000х3000Caterpillar 3512B
MTU 12V 4000 G63
FG Wilson P1350P1 - P1500E1
ROLT PSD 18001820-18322000-203512000х3000х3000Caterpillar 3516B HD
MTU 16V 4000 G63
Cummins C2500D5A
ROLT PSD 24002400-2525280512000х3000х3000Caterpillar C175
MTU 20V4000G63

How make an enquiry on diesel power plant:

To make an enquiry on diesel power plants, send the inquiry to our sales managers. We will immediately send you the standard form. In 1,5-2 hours you will get commercial proposal containing:

  • Description of main junctions of diesel power plants;
  • Technical drawings;
  • Commercial part,
    • Conditions of delivery,
    • Terms of delivery,
    • Cost of one module of diesel power plants.

To find out about terms, conditions and cost of works or in case of any technical questions, please, contact our specialists by phone +7 (495) 777 98 02 (in Russia) or 01592 742678 (in UK). We will quickly answer all your questions.