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Module gas power plants

Rolt PSG gas reciprocating power plants are supplied on a rigid base frame, comprising of a reciprocating engine and an alternator. The unit can be combined with a heat recovery system to produce heat for domestic or industrial consumption.  

Diesel power plant

Diesel power plants from Rolt PSD can be used for primary or standby electrical supply (less often heat supply). We manufacture different types of diesel power plant: on frame, in container, mobile – on low frame platform. All power plants ROLT PSD can be equipped with heat recovery system. Our equipment corresponds to Russian norms and regulations. ROLT PSD is produced on the base of Caterpillar Inc., Cummins, MTU, FG Wilson generators. 

Heat recovery system

The heat produced by gas or diesel power plant can be used for production of hot water, steam or cold (triegeneration) for technological processes which require a lot of heat energy. The advantages of heat recovery system developed by ROLT power systems for gas or diesel power plants in comparison with the main cycle are evident: increase of fuel effectiveness up to 90%, high economic performance, self-containment, minimal level of heat loss because of the short distance between power plant and the consumer, etc. Mini CHP can be integrated in any technological process maximizing fuel efficiency and reducing costs. 

Monitoring and control system

Control functions of gas or diesel power plants and engineering systems are combined and situated in one cabinet. Usually the automatic control systems of Rolt PS power plants are based on controllers and additional modules from leading manufacturers of automation industry: ComAp, Woodward and Terberg.

Mobile power plants

Mobile diesel power plant by ROLT Mobile Power Systems is a turnkey product. It consists of diesel power plant of block-module type and its transportation base which is automobile low frame platform (semitrailer tuck with a vehicle dolly). Mobile power plants can be transported by drive truck or by special means of transport with a technical vehicle dolly (included).

Transformer substation

Package transformer stations (PTS) receive, convert and distribute electricity produced by the power plant. PTS convert AC of 0.4 kV into high voltage electricity of 6.3 or 10.5 kV and vice versa. Safe and reliable work of transformer station is provided with switchgears and relay protection. The main components of PTS are high-voltage switchgear and low-voltage switchgear.