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Monitoring and control system

Control functions of gas or diesel power plants and engineering systems are combined and situated in one cabinet. Usually the automatic control systems of Rolt PS power plants are based on controllers and additional modules from leading manufacturers of automation industry: ComAp, Woodward and Terberg.

Automatic control system of power plant provides:

  • Local, automatic and remote control of start, stop and prestart operations according to GOST 10032-80;
  • Automatic load acceptance in autonomous mode, automatic synchronization and distribution of active and reactive load (equal or set by active capacity) during simultaneous work with similar equipment;
  • Automatic work of alarm and protection system: warning signals of protection according to emergency parameters.
  • Automatic unloading of CHP before finishing of simultaneous work of generator and grid;
  • Rate of rotation is kept automatically;
  • Protection from increase/reduction of rotation of generator or other parameters;
  • Measurement, control and frequency indication, electric frequency, active or reactive capacity, voltage capacity, generator voltage, phase shift during synchronization, number of starts, amount of operating hours, amount of produced energy.
  • Readiness to start in autonomous mode.
  • Autonomous control panel of Rolt PS has the following functions:
  • Automatic monitoring of readiness to start,
  • Automatic or manual start of unit and setting up of the necessary load,
  • Automatic stabilization of the necessary mode of work of the equipment,
  • Automatic switching-on of power plant and switching-off of fuel gas supply when system of gas detection sends emergency signals to automated station,
  • Automatic heating of power plant,
  • Automatic supply of gas or diesel fuel to power plant,
  • Simultaneous work of several CHPs on joint bus with set parameters of distribution of active and reactive load between working machines or under the algorithm of equal distribution of both types of load without interruption of supply.
  • Control and visualization of parameters at the computer in automated station.

We use our own control system for operating control and monitoring of power plant ROLT PS and its engineering systems. The monitoring system allows you to analyze a lot of digital and analog signals of controlling parameters of the equipment from different manufactures and having different communication protocols (gas reciprocating power plant, diesel power plant, packaged switchgear, low-voltage package module, etc).

The operation and control parameters of power center can be controlled on the display of the personal computer of the operator of a personal automated station. Operator signals about emergencies by visual row and by alarm.

All data can be found in the data storage for diagrams or tables so user could analyze operating parameters which led to emergency.

The interface of monitoring system is very simple and easy to use. Data can be shared via the Internet or any radio channel. So you can control your power centre even being hundreds of miles away.

Being a part of CHP ROLT PS power unit has its own control panel. The panel allows the operator to start or stop the engine or monitor the main parameters of power module even when higher control system does not work. 

Standard panel also acts as a channel for passing signals to automatic system of higher level.

Operator of the power plant uses the control display which is situated on the front side of the auxiliary's cabinet and can set the following modes of operation: 

  • AUTO is an automatic regime. The controller forms launch and stop orders for gas reciprocating engines, switching on and off Automatic Generator Switcher (AGS). Launch and stop buttons of gas power plant, AGS switch on and off buttons on the controller display are blocked.
  • SEMI-AUTO is a semi-automatic regime. The orders to launch and stop gas fuelled engine and AGS switching are formed by operator pushing a button on the controller’s display but the operations are made automatically and conducted by a controller. The capacities are distributed between gas power stations which work simultaneously. AGS switches off with unload of generator (in case of simultaneous work of two or more gas reciprocating power plants) and without unload in case of single work of gas plant.
  • MANUAL is absolutely manual regime. The operator can launch or stop the generator by pushing the necessary buttons on the controller display. Frequency can’t be controlled, generator can’t be charged and capacity is not distributed between generators. Phases and voltage shall be within the parameters set by controller INTELISYS NT meanings. Switching on of AGS to the discharged tires is made without synchronization. Switching off of AGS is made without unload.
  • OFF – controller does not work, the plant is blocked, and switching off button of AGS is blocked.

How make an enquiry on monitoring and control system:

To make an enquiry on monitoring and control system for power plant, send the inquiry to our sales managers. We will immediately send you the standard form. In 1,5-2 hours you will get commercial proposal containing:

  • Description of main junctions of monitoring and control system;
  • Technological drawings;
  • Commercial part,
    • Conditions of delivery,
    • Terms of delivery,
    • Cost of monitoring and control system.

To find out about terms, conditions and cost of works or in case of any technical questions, please, contact our specialists by phone +7 (495) 777 98 02 (in Russia) or 01592 742678 (in UK). We will quickly answer all your questions.