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Module gas power plants

Rolt PSG gas reciprocating power plants are supplied on a rigid base frame, comprising of a reciprocating engine and an alternator. The unit can be combined with a heat recovery system to produce heat for domestic or industrial consumption.  

To ensure the reputation of our company we carefully select the producers of the gas reciprocating units we offer. After operational experience and cost-effective analysis we have chosen the following companies:

  • MTU onsite energy (Germany)
  • Caterpillar Inc. (USA)
  • Jenbacher Gas Engine (Austria, the company is a part of American multinational corporation GE)
  • MWM (Germany, till 2008 the company worked under Deutz brand).

One of the main criteria is the price of a power plant but there are many other factors which influence the “price of ownership”. We analyze capital costs (the cost of the unit), efficiency and maintenance cost for 10 years. We take into account all expenditures – technical liquids, SPTA, cost of service works, etc.

The manufactures chosen by ROLT power systems offer competitive prices of ownership, high quality and many design and engineering developments – all these improve specifications of the turnkey power plant.

We produce ROLT PSG power plants in full accordance to Russian state standards such as GOST. All equipment of ROLT power systems has English manuals compiled.

Capacity, kW
Type of power unit
 dimensions, mm
Heat recovery system is set inside/outside
ROLT PSG 360360Caterpillar G3412C9000х2800х2600inside
ROLT PSG 400400MWM TCG 2016 V8 9000х2800х2600inside
ROLT PSG 500 510Caterpillar G3508 9000х2800х2600inside
ROLT PSG 600600-625GE Jenbacher J312
MWM TCG 2016 V12
ROLT PSG 800770-854MTU 8V4000 L33 
Caterpillar G3512
GE Jenbacher J316
MWM TCG 2016 V16
ROLT PSG 10001000-1063MTU 8V4000 L64
Caterpillar G3512 E
Caterpillar G3516
GE Jenbacher J320
ROLT PSG 12001163-1286MTU 12V4000 L33
Caterpillar G3512 E
MWM TCG 2020 V12
ROLT PSG 16001500-1718MTU 16V4000 L33
Caterpillar G3516C
MWM TCG 2020 V16
ROLT PSG 20002000-2145MTU 20V4000 L33
MTU 16V4000 L64
Caterpillar G3516 H
Caterpillar G3520 E
MWM TCG 2020 V20
GE Jenbacher J612
ROLT PSG 25002535MTU 20V4000 L64 14000х3400х3400outside

How to make an inquiry on module gas power plants

To make an inquiry on gas reciprocating power plant, please, send the inquiry to our sales managers. We will immediately send you the standard form to fill in. In 1,5-2 hours you will get commercial proposal containing:

  • Description of main junctions of a plant;
  • Technological drawings;
  • Commercial part,
    • Conditions of delivery,
    • Terms of delivery,
    • Cost of one module.

To find out about terms, conditions and cost of power plants, or in case of any technical questions, please, contact our specialists by phone +7 (495) 777 98 02 (in Russia) or 01592 742678 (in UK). We will quickly answer all your questions.