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Heat recovery system

The heat produced by gas or diesel power plant can be used for production of hot water, steam or cold (triegeneration) for technological processes which require a lot of heat energy. The advantages of heat recovery system developed by ROLT power systems for gas or diesel power plants in comparison with the main cycle are evident: increase of fuel effectiveness up to 90%, high economic performance, self-containment, minimal level of heat loss because of the short distance between power plant and the consumer, etc. Mini CHP can be integrated in any technological process maximizing fuel efficiency and reducing costs. 


In internal combustion engines you can successfully use several sources of heat:

  • Exhaust gases of internal combustion engine,
  • High temperature circuit (cooling jacket, cylinder heads, turbocharged inlet air of first stage).

The amount of heat which can be collected from each of them depends on the manufacturer and the brand of equipment but usually they are in proportion 1:1. So heat capacity which can be collected from high temperature circuit of gas reciprocating plant G3515E (power 1200 kW) is 595 kW, from exhaust gases – 522 kW.

The heat from cooling circuit of intercooler (so called low temperature circuit) usually is not properly used as the temperature of coolant does not exceed +45-50 °C. But in some technological processes of draining and heating (protected ground industry, production of building materials, food, etc) you can easily use this heat energy.

Waste heat exchanger used by ROLT power systems in heat recovering systems is a fire-tube so it can be equipped with the automatic cleaning system.

It is worth mentioning that heat recovery system ROLT PS eliminates contacts between coolant of the customer and waste heat exchanger circuit. Thanks to this engineering solution heat exchanger is not contaminated with mechanical admixtures, salts, cinder, etc. Contact of unprepared water with highly heated walls could lead to deposit of unwanted scale. It can cause unequal heating of waste heat exchanger and decrease its heat output. Very often it leads to the breakdown of an expensive exchanger. The heat recovery system is equipped with flanges for the connection of the customer's heat pipes. The system is automatic and supports the necessary temperature regimes. Almost all elements of heat recovery system are made from inoxidizing stainless steel that provides high reliability and long operation life.


How make an enquiry on heat recovery system:

To make an enquiry on heat recovery system for power plant, send the inquiry to our sales managers. We will immediately send you the standard form. In 1,5-2 hours you will get commercial proposal containing:

  • Description of main junctions of heat recovery system;
  • Technological drawings;
  • Commercial part,
    • Conditions of delivery,
    • Terms of delivery,
    • Cost of one module of heat recovery system.

To find out about terms, conditions and cost of works or in case of any technical questions, please, contact our specialists by phone +7 (495) 777 98 02 (in Russia) or 01592 742678 (in UK). We will quickly answer all your questions.