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Mobile power plants

Mobile diesel power plant by ROLT Mobile Power Systems is a turnkey product. It consists of diesel power plant of block-module type and its transportation base which is automobile low frame platform (semitrailer tuck with a vehicle dolly). Mobile power plants can be transported by drive truck or by special means of transport with a technical vehicle dolly (included).

Automobile low frame platform have “Approval of the means of transport”, vehicle registration certificate, invoice statement and corresponds to Russian State Standards. Overall transport dimensions correspond to all requirements and allow transportation of block-modules by public roads without special permits.

A mobile power plant is an excellent solution of quick power supply for housing utilities or a factory in case of any emergencies. In this situation the mobile power plant can be transformed to working position within half an hour.

How make an enquiry on power plants:

To make an inquiry on mobile power plant, send the inquiry to our sales managers. We will immediately send you the standard form to fill in. In 1,5-2 hours you will get commercial proposal containing:

  • Description of main junctions of a plant;
  • Technological drawings;
  • Commercial part,
    • Conditions of delivery,
    • Terms of delivery,
    • Cost of one module.

To find out about terms, conditions and cost of mobile power plants, or in case of any technical questions, please, contact our specialists by phone +7 (495) 777 98 02 (in Russia) or 01592 742678 (in UK). We will quickly answer all your questions.