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18.01.2016 Power generation at biofuel plant

Power generation at biofuel plant ROLT power systems (as a part of ROLT group) has completed a project for power supply modernization at "Miranda" bioethanol production plant (Vladikavkaz, RNO - Alania). After 72 hours of testing operations, three generator sets ROLT PSG 1000 were connected to the plant's local grid. As new equipment was commissioned, the power of the existing power park has increased by 50%, from 6 MW to 9 MW.

ROLT PSG 1000 is gas reciprocating modular power plant with high degree of operational compatibility. Generating units GE Jenbacher J320 (Austria) of nominal power 1063 kW with low-power generators of 0,4 kV are used in these mini CHPs. The step-up transformers 0,4/10,5 kV are located in the electric compartments that are assigned in the containers for relay protection and automatic equipment and control panel.

LLC "Miranda" pays special attention to its manufacturing plant efficiency. That is why cooling jacket heating energy is not emitted; it is used in plant’s production processes to ferment raw materials and to dry residual stock. ROLT power systems’ specialists have implemented a range of works on a turnkey basis - form unit manufacturing at production site in Kolomna to mini CHP full integration in plant's electric and heating systems. And as LLC "Miranda" uses in its technologies high powered engine output with smooth-start system, for integration ROLT implemented its innovation "Power supply network supervisory and monitoring control automated system". ROLT company engineers analyzed plant's energy consumption during one production cycle and determined bend points in case of technological process breakdown. As a result, this system that includes ballast load, hardware and software, has enabled power and load automated control. In case of energy consumption breakdown, Power supply network supervisory and monitoring control automated system provides power compensation, and in case of power ascension, the system redistributes it. 

According to Ilya Kulumbegov, LLC "Miranda" chief power engineer, the convenience of the automated system developed by ROLT is evident. This system enables to cut operation costs, to minimize the possibility of the emergency shutdowns in case of peak capacity exceedance and to guarantee the higher engine endurance.

Information about LLC "Miranda":
Limited Liability Company "Miranda" is the only plant in Russia producing bioethanol, an additive to petrol that contributes to a more complete petrol combustion and reduction of exhaust gas toxicity (CO emission is reduced by 30%, particulate load emission - up to 50%). The production capacities are situated in Vladikavkaz (the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania), the site plot is 60 000 square meters. The plant was put into operation in the shortest period: the construction began in January 2005, and the first liters of biofuel were obtained in February 2006. Every day the plant produces about 100 tons of biofuel, the designed capacity is twice higher - 200 tons of product a day. Biofuel is produced from low-grade crops and food-industry waste. The main raw material suppliers of Bioethanol are sugar-plants of Krasnodar territory. The materials left after fermentation are used to produce gluten, bran, starch and DDGS food that is used in farming.

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