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12.06.2013 ROLT group and Total became partners

The main principles of our company are outstanding quality of our equipment and excellent service of our clients.

The quality of lube oil used in power plants is very important for proper work of the equipment. 

To eliminate negative impact of lubricants on gensets our technical specialists for several years researched different lube oils from world producers. 

As a result our specialists chose the lube oil TOTAL NATERIA MH 40 produced by the French company TOTAL LUBRIFICANTS S.A. This oil has not only passed all the tests for prolonging the interval of oil change but also got approvals from all manufactures:

CATERPILLAR (series 3300 - 3500), MDE, MTU, MWM, PERKINS,WAUKESHA (APG), JENBACHER TA 1000-1109 (engines of 2 and 3 series  – Class А, engines of 4 and 6 series – Class A, B и C), WARTSILA (220 SG).


The tests lasted for 4800 hours on JENBACHER engine at maximum load. As a result TOTAL NATERIA MH 40 showed excellent oxidative stability and stable additives package.

Basing on this research the specialists of Rolt Engineering decided to use TOTAL NATERIA MH 40 for the equipment during maintenance of gas generators. But the most important thing is that Rolt Engineering is the strategic partner of Total in Russia.



Total is the fifth biggest oil-and-gas company in the world which works in more than 130 countries. Company deals with exploration, development, extraction, refining, storage, sales and transporting of crude oil, gas and oil products.

Total produces and tests lubricants at its Technical and Research Center in France.

Also Total produces chemicals of very a high quality, mines coal, produce solo electricity or combine it with heat. Besides, Total caries about the future of energy exploiting renewable sources of energy such as wind, solar energy and photoelectric energy. 

Exploration and extracting:

  • Number one in Africa and the second one in Middle East,

  • Exploration and extracting in 44 countries,

  • Extracting in 27 countries

  • 2,59 million of barrels are extracted per day,

  • Storage of 11.15 billion barrels of oil,

  • >Refining and marketing – number 1 in Western Europe and the second one in Africa,

  • Refining capacity: 2, 69 million of barrels per day,

  • 3,77 million of barrels per day are sold,

  • About 17 000 fueling stations in the world,

  • Trademarks: TOTAL, Elf, FINA, Elan, AS 24.


Total is one of the world biggest producers of chemicals. It leads the world markets of oil chemicals, vinyl products, industrial chemicals, elastoplastic and fertilization.

History of Total:

1924 – Henri Poincaré, the President of France, ordered to found French Oil Company.

1954 – Trademark Total appeared.

1968 – First partnership agreement between Total and Citroen.

1998 - First partnership agreement between Total and Peugeot.

1999 – Amalgamation of Total and PETROFINA.

2000 - Amalgamation of Total and ELF (TOTALFINAELF).

2001 – Global agreement between Total and Peugeot.

2004 – Peugeot exclusively recommends only Total. 

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